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Thread: had egg without shell!

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    Re: had egg without shell!

    Um, totally guessing here, but it sounds like she's deficient in calcium and I would take her to the vet ASAP. If she doesn't expell the next one (sounds like she got lucky with this one) it could mean egg-binding...

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    had egg without shell!

    my female had an egg without a shell, it was just the inside layer of the egg and the yolk and everything inside it, she didn't even have a nest box.

    can anyone explain this to me?
    and anything that can help prevent this.



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    Re: had egg without shell!

    i've been giving her heaps of calcium and she loves it, i don't think shes lacking, or it might just be going straight through her.

    thanx for your help, i'll take her to the vet and see if there is something i can give her that will boost her levels and help keep them there.

    thanx again


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