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Thread: "Nature's Kitchen" natural wood branches

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    "Nature's Kitchen" natural wood branches

    Has anyone else out there bought these for their birds? They sell them at SuperPet out here. I got a 20' branch for the cage a few moths ago, cleaned it and put it in. My little guy loved it, started peeling the bark off right away. So I went back the other night and got a second one. I didn't pay much attention to the one I picked up, but when I got it home I noticed it had what looks like a fungus on it. I'm going to return it tonight, but I thought I should contact the company to tell them they may have a problem. Thing is, I can't find the company listed ANYWHERE. The packaging says it's made by someone called BioLogic of Canada in Castleton, ON. (Small town near Peterborough.) It kind of makes me nervous that I can't even find a phone number for the place. Should I exchange it for another one?

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    Re: "Nature's Kitchen" natural wood branches

    Exchange for a chewing toy while you take your time and find the right one!
    Visit my work's website!

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