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Thread: Question on breeding a lutino whiteface

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    Question on breeding a lutino whiteface

    I'm only considering breeding at this point, but I wanted to ask this so I could be better prepared to make the decision to breed or not to breed. I have a male lutino whiteface and a female lutino. Is anyone here aware of why they shouldn't be bred on that aspect? I realize there is a LOT more to making the decision than this, but I am asking because when I spoke with a breeder at a local bird show who had finally produced a lutino whiteface after two years trying and she said it was not a good idea to pair these two for breeding based on their mutations. Then again, she also didn't see anything wrong with breeding my cinnamon pearl hen that has a deformed foot (hatched that way) -- not only that, but didn't think it wrong to pair her with the lutino whiteface, even though they are brother and sister. I have been trying to find information on the web but all I have found so far are the basics of cockatiel genetics.

    At this point, she has been laying eggs for about a week (all duds - they live in separate cages and are closely supervised when they are out so I am sure they didn't get together). His cage is next to hers and he appears to be frustrated because he can't help her with the eggs. He sits on the floor of his cage near where she sits on her eggs and sings to her, and only leaves her to eat and drink. Neither has a bald spot, so that reason for not breeding either of them isn't a factor in my question.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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    Re: Question on breeding a lutino whiteface

    I don't think there should be anything wrong with breeding your two birds as long as they are both old enough (at least 18 months) and are unrelated. However, the reason she told you they would not be very good to breed is because your chicks would not be whiteface (unless one of the parents of your hen was a whiteface). they would all be split to whiteface but look like regular lutinos..
    however, your cinnamon pearl IS your whiteface's sister and is likely to carry the whiteface gene without showing it, and if you did pair them (which I definitely don't advise) you could end up with a whiteface lutino female chick eventually.

    here's a site you might want to have a look at:
    cockatiel virtual breeder

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    Re: Question on breeding a lutino whiteface

    Thanks for the link -- that was great! I do know from the couple who gave me the lutino whiteface cock and cinnamon pearl hen that neither parent looks like either of these two, so that means their hen is lutino - has to be to produce a male lutino - and the father has to be split to cinnamon, pearl and lutino even though he appears as normal grey. Both must also be split to whiteface since neither of them shows whiteface. This could produce some really pretty babies, but as I said I am not planning to breed them any time soon -- the hen is 14 months old and the cock is almost 12 months. They may think they're ready to have babies, but Mom says not yet! Better to do reasearch beforehand so I can make an intelligent decision whether or not to breed. smile

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    loving spoonful

    Re: Question on breeding a lutino whiteface

    It is very unwise to breed sister and brother ( this is called inbreeding ) , as this can cause the babies to develop bald spots. A male can be breed to a female cousin on his mother's side .
    we have a male and female cockatiel. Our male " Zack" is a Albino ( mutation, I beleive ) cockatiel , a Lutino crossed-over with a whiteface is a albino mutation. Now Zena is a cinnamon pearl. I'm hoping their babies turn-out to be very pretty .

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