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Thread: Spooky's Day Outside and Video!

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    ooOOh, Spooky! Brand New Egg
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    Spooky's Day Outside and Video!

    Hello! Until this week, it's been very very hot in my area, and Spooky has been getting to go outside lots! Here's jsut a few cute, grown up pictures of him (and a picture of how he looked as a baby, he's SO different!)

    Also, Spooky learned a new trick: playing soccer! Watch the video!

    Spooky's baby pick:

    And SPooky now, enjoying the outdoors:

    and Spooky playing soccer. You can hear him say "pretty bird!" near the beginning.

    He is 6 months old now, and he says "pretty bird!" and "Ooooh! Spooky!" and he knows several different kind of whistles (he sings the "woohoo" song from Kill Bill, it's SO cute)

    I know as he gets older we can teach him so much more!

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    I'm A budgieaholic Tailfeather kathy5's Avatar
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    Re: Spooky's Day Outside and Video!

    you have a wonderful budgie
    I love his coloring
    my helpfull birdy page

    kathy's facebook page

    please give clicks to help my number go up

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