Yesterday I spoke to my mom about getting myself another animal. Not because I'm bored of mine, but because I love getting lots of animals to love and take care of. A few turned down suggestions later, after we sat in silence thinking, my mom suggested I get another bird since I only have one. I wasn't too sure about that because I kinda wanted a dog, cat, or rat more, but I have been taking it into consideration. So I told my cousin about me and my mom's discussion and he said that if I were to get a bird he said that he would give me his female budgie Melena. I really like Melena, she is very pretty, but she is very snappy. Whenever you even touch her cage she goes to attack. But my bird is the complete opposite. Elliot is kind and gentle and will go on my finger. I'm scared that Melena may attack Elliot, or will turn Elliot into a mean bird, and I don't want that. But also this bird might just need some work and then she'll be fine. My cousin loves Melena, but he never works on her. I didn't work on Elliot a whole lot, he just one day went on my finger and my shoulder and everything, but if work is all Melena needs then I'd be willing to do it. I sorta miss having two birds because they're fun and adorable to watch cuddle together. Unfortunately Charlie passed on before I could get a picture of him and Elliot cuddling on the perch.

So my decision is to take Melena, hoping work is all she needs, or buy my own. Sometimes they have really pretty pure white budgie birds or powder blue ones here.

Also, I feel that my cousin should keep his bird because he says that nobody but him in the house seems to love her. Well personally I think that if he loves her he should keep her because his parents aren't telling him to give her up even if they dont like his bird, and they're not mean to his bird. There is nothing pushing him to give Melena up. He is her owner, not his parents or sister, so only his love matters, the love of his family is irrevelant. I think it's just because he feels nobody loves her but him in the house and because she is aggressive. Is he trying to "dump" an aggressive budgie on me that he doesn't care enough to work on? Or does he truly feel she should be in a home where she will be loved a lot more? Because he told me I am the only person he will give her to because he knows she will be in a good home. I am flattered but I'm just not sure.

Please, help me.

This is NOT a picture of my cousin's budgie, but this is what she looks like...