So Peeper will be a month old in 5 days! I am still amazed about how quickly he has grown and how instictive the parents are!
A few days ago I was very suprised to look into Peepers box and find that he was not in there! He had somehow figured out how to get out of the box and into the cage (nesting box attatched to side of the cage). I am not sure how he got down...I actually think that he fell out. The box is about half way up the side of the cage and I dont think he is strong enough to climb down. He was ok though. Nothing seemed broken or bruised. He was still in the nesting box when I got home today (whew!).
Peeper's coloring is kind of strange to me. His parents are both normal Grey tiels, but he has a lot of yellow. His long wing feathers are dark grey-almost black and his tail feathers are yellow. His body feathers are grey with yellow tips- is this just baby feathers? Or is this what is to be expected of his coloring?
One of the cutest things happened the other day. When i get home I take Peeper out of the cage and he sits on m chest and watches tv with me. Well a few days ago he was running around on the bed while I was writing out some bills. The phone rang and he came running over to me and snuggled up to my leg because the phone scared him. it happened later on and I got him on tape! How cute! That made me feel really good because when he was scared he found the safest spot to be with me :haha And mom bird was on the bed too- but he came to me!
Peeper is actually sitting on my arm right now. I dont feel comfy with him on my shoulder yet. I dont think he is steady enough.... lol.
I want to thank everyone for their help with Peeper! He seems to be healthy and happy! I couldnt have done it without you guys!