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Thread: If You Live In South Carolina (update)

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    If You Live In South Carolina (update)

    we may be in for one heck of a BIG move here
    My husbands work is revamping & he does not like the way he has to do more work with a pay cut so he is looking into other options
    he is in time share selling he has been doing it for the last 13 years & he does very well at it

    we are looking at myrtle beach a place called waterford plantation.
    we have found a house with in our price range & let me tell you it is HUGE

    I can not believe all the house we will be getting for what we are paying now
    & it sits right on a golf course you look out the back of the house & bam!

    so I want to know If any of our TF friends will be living near me so maybe we can meet

    we can also get a dog so I think that there will be a beagle in my life soon

    so If you live near this area let me know
    I will keep everyone up to date on if & when this BIG move happens
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