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Thread: Why is my budgie pecking me?

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    Unhappy Why is my budgie pecking me?

    Hello, Ive had this happen for quite some time now. When I first got her, she was very nice and I taught tweety how to step up and sang for her everyday, etc. Then couple months ago whenever I would put her swing in her cage at night she would try to peck me. I thought it was the swing--but even when I put my hand in there (when its sundown) she lunges at me. Well fast forward to October, we have a new baby budgie in another cage-"TJ"(for 3 months now). I expected tweety to bond more with TJ naturally and I saw how soon those girls became friends. To make a long story short the pecks have gotten harder and I have no clue what is wrong with her. During the day, she plays and try to bite my nails--but other than when I tell her to step up--she does it, but jumps off very quickly. Ive bought her shredder toys, give her veggies on a daily basis an also bathes--which she loves. What am I doing wrong?

    I am still hunting for a bigger cage to maybe house both birds, but I am afraid tweety may try to peck at TJ.

    p.s. Anyone have recommendations for a quality bird cage dealor that ships worldwide? I've tried ebay but STILL cant get through and/or the shipping rate will be over the price of the cage itself.

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    AW: Why is my budgie pecking me?

    Well, the reason for her pecking could be, that she wonīt be disturbed in her cage.
    You write, she reacts this way only in the evening?
    Maybe she wants to sleep?
    Did I get it right, that you have three budgies in three cages?
    You donīt have to be afraid that they could harm each other - budgies are very harmless - even if they quarrel. It often looks more dangerous to us than itīs really to them.
    Did you try ebay Germany for a new cage?
    There you can find good ones, very big.

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    Re: Why is my budgie pecking me?

    ooh...bird behaviour

    just always keep in mind..they are birds

    they react ...just react

    and they are so different from any mammal pet u have

    so many times people wonder why this and why that...truth seems to be pointing at one thing
    their brains are so different from ours and other mammals..we cant really understand that they can be so sweet one minute and savage ur finger the next

    they have no empathy..they dont understand that they hurt ur feelings when they bite u..they react to some ancient signal in their brain
    so love them the way they are

    hens will nip..lots of times throughout the month as they become hormonal ...so thats all there is really...they will simply be nippier even if they have been handraised...

    its their way of being the best hen bird they can be..cant blame them for that hey

    after reading a fabulous article about bird brains im really relieved..the pressure if off!...i wont try to understand anything anymore..ill just accept lol

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