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Thread: Pigeon Roost/Cage

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    Pigeon Roost/Cage

    As you guys know, I have my pair of Fantails, the pair of Figuritas and a younger girl figurita. I decided that after they Fig's raise hatch/raise their 2 eggs, I will let them become free flying outside. In the meantime though, I've let the younger Figurita get out and live outside.
    I made a cage (2 cages connected actually) that will nail onto the shed under the roof of our firewood area so they are sheltered. They will use it for roosting/nesting and can free fly whenever they want since the door is open. I went ahead and built both compartments now because the pair will move into one in about a month and their 2 young babies (that hopefully will grow up well) and the lone girl right now will move into the other compartment.
    All that needs to be done now is just to nail it up and stuff hay in there then lock the girl in there for about 2-3 days then I will let her back out.. that way, she will know to return there.
    Heres some pics of the cage. Oh and dont worry about the completely open back side.... that will go up against the shed so it will be a wall there. Oh and notice my dog's eyes back in the dark in the first pic!!


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    Re: Pigeon Roost/Cage

    It looks great!

    Looks like a monster in the background!
    1 Male Cockatiel

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    Re: Pigeon Roost/Cage

    Haha, love the eyes. It looks like something just WAITNG for you to put "food" in the cages so it can attack.

    Cool roosting area you made for them. I miss my pigeons, but I already know that's not gonna "fly" here, so I'll just admire yours.
    - Aviennda, Bunji and Henry (Meyer's and Senegal)

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