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Thread: Update: Sky Is Coming Home!!

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    Exclamation Update: Sky Is Coming Home!!

    Hello everyone. I’m sure a few of you have read my posts before about my awesome “school” project with an aggressive Blue & Gold Macaw, Sky. And if you haven’t I will briefly fill you in.

    I attend an amazing high school dedicated to assuring that we graduate with detailed plans for a fulfilling future. I, myself, will begin college next year studying Zoology in Pennsylvania. This year I had an Aviculture course which required students to choose a project bird for the semester. We have about 30 birds in the aviary and all have wonderful personalities except the three “probation” birds who had severely injured students on too many occasions. Regardless of my instructors warning I chose Sky, the most aggressive of the three. He would make and effort to lunge at anyone, including jumping on them as they walk by. In his cage he would bite at the bars if anyone were to come to close or fluff up and hiss. To make a long story short, after 3 LONG months he is a sweetest and (in my opinion) the cutest bird I have ever seen. It has only been 3 months, so occasionally he can get fresh but his behavior is now quickly and easily corrected.

    I would like to go on with that story but here is the good and bad news. Bad first… Sky was rushed to the vet a few weeks ago after losing his balance and falling off a perch. Clearly, birds don’t just fall off perches. We feared the worst and honestly didn’t expect him to come back. Surprisingly, he had Psittacosis, or Parrot Fever, as well as a respiratory infection. The infection was traced back to his reaction to Cockatoo dust. Psittacosis is a zoonotic illness which was believed to be passed to him from a sick student in another class. All in all, he needs a home. The environment needs to be stress free, dust free, with an experienced bird owner who will complete a vigorous adoption process.

    The good news… I GET TO FOSTER HIM! Due to the process we will have adopters going through - we don’t expect to place him for another few months. He cannot stay at school in the aviary and certainly would not like staying in quarantine. He doesn’t mind people but is attached to me for the most part. Here are some regulations we have laid down so far… stress free environment (meaning preferably no children, dogs, cats) dust free environment (no birds such as cockatoos and cockatiels) excessive available time (work schedule etc.) within 30-60min from this area (for frequent visits) …and so much more. This is only for now however, because I will be introducing him to dogs, cats, children, and different environments, etc. His rehabilitation has not ended yet. Sorry for this amazingly long post, and thank you for your time if you had the chance to read it.

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    Re: Update: Sky Is Coming Home!!

    Ashleigh-- how exciting for you!! Fostering is so rewarding. I am so glad to hear that Sky is in good hands. I'm sure you will find the perfect forever home for him. I wish you both all the best. Keep us posted as to any changes.

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