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Thread: Paid Subscriptions

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    Paid Subscriptions

    Wanting to get more out of your account at Tailfeathers and support us at the same time? Be sure to check out Paid Subscriptions!

    At only $1 per month ($12/year), you can get all of the following:
    -Store more private messages. Up to 30 (compared to 7 for regular users).
    -Have a bigger avatar.
    -Have a bigger personal picture.
    -Option to be anonymous in Who's Online.
    -Send private messages to up to 20 people at once (compared to 5 for regular users).
    -Special icon in your title.

    To sign up, go here: http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/c...scriptions.php
    You can also read the above page by clicking "Paid Subscriptions" in your control panel.

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