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Thread: Progress, but he still tries to bite me

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    Progress, but he still tries to bite me

    I think Da Vinci is starting to get comfortable in his new home away from the petshop. Hes playing with his toys, eating his food more and he seems generally more relaxed around me.

    Today I decided to see if I can get him confortable enough to atleast come out of his cage (The cage is suspended from the ceiling on a chain). So what I did was attached one of the perchs to the outside of the cage right next to the opening. At first he was more content to just sit on his food bowl and eat the broccoii I had pushed between the wires right next to the opening. Eventually I decided to offer him a reason to figure out how to get onto the outside pirch and tied a piece of mellet spray to the far end. Within about 5 minutes he perched himself at the entrace and was busy eye balling the mellet spray and figuring how to get onto the perch. Eventually he figures it out and for the first time hes outside the cage of his own accord. Im really digging this as he side steps over to the mellet and starts to eat it for a few seconds before the thread becomes undone and the mellet falls. He sits there for a few minutes before heading back into his cage to eat some food.

    About ten minutes later he finishes up, heads back to the entrance and perches himself there, clearly no longer afraid of the fact that the door is open (a few days ago whenever I opened any of the doors (food or the main one) he would head up to the highest perch, even if I left the door open and was away from the cage.

    He would hop back and forth between the door entrance, eating, and the outside perch, sort of like a "Hey! I can go outside my cage!" revelation. My next step, seeing as how he was no longer afraid of the entrance and actually sitting in it at the time was to put millet in my hand and let him eat out of it, showing that my hand is something not to be afraid of. Well, to a certain degree it worked. He would eat out of so long as it was at my finger tips, but when I would move it closer to my palm he would lose interest even though he clearly saw it was within reach and all he had to do was walk onto my hand. Eventually I decided not to push it and went back to the computer, eyeing him every now and then. Eventually he went back on to the outside perch and decided to see if I could get him to come onto my hand. Unfortunitely, he tried to bite me. Instead of pushing my luck I decided not to pursue it anymore and let him be for the evening.

    So yeah, im sure everyone had heard stories of how people got their teils confinidence, and granted he still seems more inclined to bite me then id like but to me on the perverbial line between untamed and tamed I like to believe I went more then half of the way there today and just needed to tell someone.

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    Re: Progress, but he still tries to bite me

    Glad to hear that you are making progress. Keep up the good work and before too long I'm sure he will be following you around getting into all sorts of trouble.

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