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Thread: Clipping Wings

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    Clipping Wings

    I have no problem going to gtet Tweety's wings clipped. My question is... when do we do this??? She's been going through a moult for about three weeks and has been able to fly for the past two months. I don't think the person who did it to begin with knew what she was doing. Do I wait until she finishes, or is it better to wait??? The kids haven't been going in and out of the house with it being so cold, so I don't need to worry about her taking off. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Clipping Wings

    It depends on your situation when youwant to clip them.
    If youwant to wait until they are grown in and clip all atonce, youcan do so. Otherwise, you can clip them as they grow in, twoorthree every week or so. If youwant to do it this way, be sure the feathers are fully grown in, and are NOT bloodfeathers. You can recognize a bloodfeather because the quill will be a little swollen, and reddish or bluish in color.

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    Re: Clipping Wings

    Thanks for the quick answer. I would not do it myself because I have only seen them done once and they obvisously didn't do it the right way. I will have to find someone else who will do it for me.

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