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Thread: gently, gently / new tiel

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    gently, gently / new tiel

    Our new tiel is showing serious submissive tendancies.

    He is like a plastic toy, he barely moves, hes got very little 'voice' (although in some ways thats not entirely bad!).

    He arrived on Tuesday and since then has made good progress. I can get him on my finger (but only from the perch when he's not trying to run away). He spends a lot of time of top of the cage and when he's up there if you put a finger up to him, he seems to panic and go straight into what looks like a submissive attitude to me.

    He drops his head flat to the cage and pushes it into my finger. If I don't move he will just sit there shaking.

    I know this bird was 'abused' but I do not know in what way he was abused. So overcoming specific fears is not going to be easy.

    He is quite keen to touch the target, but that's the only thing he really responds well to.

    Any advice on re-teaching that humans are the wicked things he knows of past?

    Pam, Chester and Charlie (tiels)

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    Re: gently, gently / new tiel

    My teil puts her head down like that when she wants to be pet. I have no other suggestions for you. Sorry.

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    Re: gently, gently / new tiel

    I would think also that he wants his head petted - have you tried that? My bird does this all the time - when she wants to have some head scritches, she comes next to my finger, puts her head down and touches my finger with her head. I am sorry I can't be of more help, but hopefully he means that, unless he goes crazy if you try to touch him. Let us know what you find out, and good luck!

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    Re: gently, gently / new tiel

    unfortunately he goes absolutely crazy if I try to touch him when his head is down. But he doesn't just put his head down, he forces it under my hand even if my hand is flat on the cage! It's almost like an emu burying its head in the sand!

    However, I have made some great progress with him as far as getting him out of the cage, he has learned to duck to get out of the cage on my finger and will sit for short periods of time on my hand and allow me to stroke him very gently with the side of my face (very dangerous I know) but it is making a big difference to him. He has given me a few warning squawks but doesn't generally bite (unlike his friend!)

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