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Thread: is my bird possessed???Am I obsessed?

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    is my bird possessed???Am I obsessed?

    My bird has been making the strangest noise lately. It sounds alot like a wet balloon being rubbed with little chirps here and there. At the same time he also lifts his head, stretching his neck straight up with his mouth open, like he is going to throw up, all that comes out is a chirp. At first I was really scared and screamed (like I did when he pooped on me for the first time), but he was not scared of my scream, and still does the noise. Is this noise normal? He also does the noise when I repeat words to him, I'm trying to teach him to say hello. He is about 5 months old, and he is the regular color tiel (looks like a girl because he has not molted yet).

    Also, many of my friends and family are suprised I bought a bird and are shocked that I am not allergic. I'm not showing any signs of allergies yet, does this mean the coast is clear? I have had him almost a month. I would hate to give up my little Emily boy. They also get irritated with my Emily. Nobody seem to love him the way that I do, and they laugh at me when I interact with him. I look at my Emily and see my 3rd child, I love my bird so much....is this normal? I have two human children, both boys, and I thougt that this bird was a girl (note the girl name), but he's not so now I've got 4 boys including my husband. I just wish my family would accept Emily, my husband and boys love Emily, but it's the family that visits from time to time that is giving me grief.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm sorry for the long post.


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    yeah.. i know its weird!! almost every day, my bird starts opening her mouth while stretching her neck it looks like shes choking!

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    Re: cockatiel

    i think that you arent weird or strange! tons of people love their birds so much like they are people and their own children. i think its hard not to do that because they are so much like children! i think the mouth open thing is normal, mine do it too..... sometimes its just yawning, but sometimes when mine do it and the little balloon like noise is kinda freaky i freak out everytime, well i think maybe they are trying to get a feather out or something that they swallowed????? i dont know really i just think that when they do that, that something is caught in their throat but it stops and they are fine. like a little tickle in the throat.

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