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    Talking Female budgie wants to mate, male budgie not keen?

    Hi all,

    We have two beautiful budgies. A blue older male, and a bright yellow & green younger female.

    They have been living together for around 2 months now and seem to be getting along very well now. Initially we weren't sure, as the female budgie seemed to fly and hover in front of the male budgie as though she was trying to scare him.

    The male budgie is quieter and more subdued, while the female one is feisty and active, always playing on toys and swinging on the swing, while the male one never does this.

    We initially got the male one after he was found lost, underneath a car and bought into my girlfriend work (pet store). He had a slight foot injury, and initially was very "stand offish" but has become a lot better, and more active now. His foot seems to have come right, but still walks a little unbalanced sometimes. We introduced the female one later, bought fresh from the pet store.

    So now, it seems like the girl budgie is chasing the boy budgie around, it almost seems like she is trying to mate. She prompts for the male budgie to give regurgitated food, and often he does. They seem to get along well and play around a lot. It looks like she even gets in 'the position'. But the frolicking almost always results in the male budgie eventually flying away and moving away from the female. We're not sure if he "cant get it up" so to speak? : Or whether he's just more 'smooth' and mature, and wants her to be a bit more classy about it (maybe some champagne over moonlit dinner?). Or is it possible the male can't balance to 'do the deed'?

    Just curious as to whether there's any problem, or if we just need to be patient and see what happens? Also we have a nesting box, but they have not once gone in it (not that we've seen anyway)

    Thanks all - this is a great forum, and we look forward to your reply! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Female budgie wants to mate, male budgie not keen?

    just give them some time if the male is to old then he might not want to mate maybe put them into a smaller breeder cage so he can get down to work so to speak.
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