I have several Ringneck Doves and Lovebirds, and one pair of doves raised a very beautiful and to my suprise rather intelligent little boy. He figured out how to use his wings, so I let him keep his flights as I enjoyed letting him fly around the house. One day, someone(who has yet to come forward) let him out of his cage and apparently outside. These doves are completely domesticated and have no fear of natural predators, have no idea what is editable and what isn't, or how to find food for that matter. This happened two days ago. I looked for him all of Sunday, but never found him, and didn't see him yesterday. Today, I was getting a cup of coffee and what do you know, he flies right by the window. I had two other people help me try to catch him. There is three feet of melting snow on the ground and I live on the border of a forest, so it wasn't easy. He didn't try to fly away from us, but he was always so high in the tree we would just shake it in hope of him falling or flying to a lower branch so we could grab him. After two hours, we gave up. I can still see him out there, but I have no idea how to get him. I put his cage with food and everything outside, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions?