Hi everyone,

I want to make a play gym/cage for Rainbow (Jenday Conure). The cage part is for safety (as he is not hand tame) and so I can move him around the home and take him in the garden occasionally.
It will need to be fairly light weight (my biceps aren't that big ), so I have been thinking of making a breeder type cage from weld mesh (I already have lots of this and all the c clips etc.) I know that weld mesh can be a problem due to the zinc used in galvanising, but I believe scrubbing with vinegar removes this problem.

So my question is, what is the best way to construct it for safety and rigidity? I want a fixed bottom and just one large opening front door.

I have been surfing the net, but haven't really seen anything that helps. I can knock one up no problem, but I would like to get it right first time! So is there anyone here that has tried it and who I can learn from?

He wont be sleeping in it by-the-way. He will mainly just have it as a play gym with the door open, but if I want him to join me in another room or outside, I would shut him in it and take him and the cage there for a little while. He will still have his proper cage as his main abode!

Sorry for rambling, and hope I've made sense!