Hi all, I am new on here, Because I just found this site. I have been hand feeding Cockatiels for about a year now. And this is the first time I have come across a problem like this. I pulled this baby in ? and I noticed that the crop was very enlarged. I took this baby from the nest when it was 2weeks old. I pull the babies in the evening. And start hand feeding in the morning. I noticed this one was different. Crop was empty as normal, but I actually watched the crop swell before I even got the incubator open. I have never seen anything like this before. I fed the baby, but not as much. The crop would empty on its own for 7 weeks. When it was slowing down I started puting a few drops of Aple Cider Vinager in th furmula. (OOPPS by the way I feed Kayte Exacts Handfeeding Formula at 105F*.) The crop would start moving an empting on time. Then all of a sudden it stoped again and I started messaging the crop every 2 hours. But I noticed that the crop would swell again when I reached for it. This is a very beautiful Cinnamon Split Pied. I stoped Handfeeding on Sunday evening Feb.25 and it is now eating all on its own. But the crop has never went down. Will this baby live? Will the crop ever go down. I have already decided to keep this baby as a pet and I will not breed the baby. Is there anyone here that can help me save this baby. The nearest Avian vet is almost 100 miles away!!! Please help me