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Thread: Charlie is a male! (Not both male and female!) Haha!

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    Charlie is a male! (Not both male and female!) Haha!

    Well I'm not too surprised! But I do feel better, because he's still doing the radio static thing and his normal chirping. He's actually chirping more and more lately, but still no real 'whistling' or attempt to talk. Apparently his dad was a really good whistler....hopefully he takes after his dad!

    He does a lot of the bobbing of the head, and circles, and the wings held out. However he doesn't really love the mirror, like males are supposed to. He kinda nips at it and then doesn't take too much notice. Silly thing! (I don't have a mirror in his cage, I just tested this out on the bathroom one!)

    I also did that pelvic bone testing, and he seemed male to me (did this before I got the test results back).

    Well he is soooo much fun!! He does the chirpy calling thing when I leave the room....we call back and forth to eachother, I just love that! And he's becoming even MORE of a scritch addict. It's the only thing that calms down the static noise if he's still doing it after eating.

    He's so insanely spoiled already, the amount of toys and supplies I have purchases is just ridiculous. Haha!
    My cat is scared to death of the bird, but when he gets the guts, will sit beside him and purr, and most of the time fall asleep. That's my insticnt free weird himilayan for you. Charlie sure shows him whos boss though, if Mittens should get too close. I'm more afraid of my cat getting hurt by the bird than the other way around....haha!

    As for the flight suit, well, we've still got issues. After the usual war of getting it on him, he spends the time tearing at it and doing crazy radio static. No fun....haha.

    We'll we're off for our daily bike ride, now....if he'd just be TOTALLY cool with the flight suit....

    Pics and stuff soon....I've got to organize all my photos....I'm in a mess!
    Just a girl with some animal friends! A fluffy Himilayan cat named Theodore Mittens, a bearded dragon named Miphy, a canary named Fringe (Miss you sweet Pumpkin!), two penguin zebra finches named Jasmin and Prince Pen Pen (Miss you sweet Lacey!), a tarantula named Mystique, four chickens named Audrey, Ellie, Buffy and Dolly....hermit crabs, and a betta fish!

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    Re: Charlie is a male! (Not both male and female!) Haha!

    thats great to hear that he's doing ok and that you found out what sex he is. my sister got back her results for her caique and it turns out that he turned out to be a she which was just insane because she's so super vocal and whistles and sings all the time.

    about the radio static, my tiel taysia did that alot when i first got her too(she was 10-12 weeks old) now she's 6 months old as of today and i never hear her doing it anymore, she's a real quiet bird accept when she calls for me or she hears my voice, she then freaks out and screams for me.

    also i heard that the static noise also could possibly mean that they're hungry so when taysia made that noise in the begining, i put her next to her food dish to see if she would eat and i would say 50% of the time she would eat and the other 50% she would want back on my shoulder. so if you havn't tried that idea out yet, give it a try but as far as my expirence goes with the static noise, she grew out of that stage. good luck with charlie

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    Re: Charlie is a male! (Not both male and female!) Haha!


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