I posted a question a while ago and then wasn't able to check the board for awhile... now I can't find the question so I figure I will ask it again.

My question is whether anyone knows a good website with pictures of the different budgie color mutations. I have two budgies right now and I have no idea what category they fall under. I am awfull at figuring out mutations based on just descriptions. I have found a lot of sites with written descriptions but I can't tell if they describe my birds.

In case any of you are good at descriptions, here are descriptions of my two birds, maybe you know what they are.

Frostie. Her major color is white. She has patches on her where she has the typical budgie black stripes. The patches are on her head, a bit on her back and a small bit on her wings. She has navy blue cheeks (thats what I call them anyway, those circles on either side). And she has medium blue patches on her belly that look almost like clouds. She has a dark shimmering blue patch on her lower back between her wings.

Jeremiah. His main color is blue. The blue is only a tad bit darker than the blue on this page. He has stripes but they are almost invisible, you can see them if you look very very closely, they are a very light grey. He has a white face that blends into the blue. And he has dark dark blueish-purple cheeks. Her has some grey feathers in his wings that make his wings looked layered almost like shingles. LOL

Any idea what mutation they might be?