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Thread: [Care] How do I tame my Two Gorgeous Budgies???

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    [Care] How do I tame my Two Gorgeous Budgies???

    hi i just got me two budgies, vanilla and bubbles, from a pet store a week and so ago. i know pet stores arent the greatesst place to get birds but i couldnt find a breeder. so far they have ate around me, a day ago tried the treats for the first time and they are pretty comfortable around me. i have sstarted to get them used to my hand but i need some help oin taming them. if u got any tips whatsover tell me plz. i also would love to hear about ways to make toys and playgyums. and how long will they survive without going outside. bye thanx.

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    Re: how do i tame my two gorgeous budgies???

    Let them have 1-2 weeks without your interfearance . Just change the paper, food, and water. Give them a millet spray near a door (so you don't have to enter the cage). As well as fresh veggies (Not avacodo or onion)

    Once they have had this time to get settled, sit beside them with your hand on the side of the cage. Not on the top, but on the side of the cage, preferably on the middle. Sit there for 30 min to a 1/2 hour, 2 times a day if possible. Do this for 1-2 weeks- if they are still skittish, do it until they calm down a bit more. Remove the millet, it becomes a treat now .

    Now you will slide your hand in the cage, and sit there like that for another 2-3 weeks, after the first couple days place millet in your hand so they have to come up to it to eat. Place the palm of your hand DOWN, hold the spary between your fingers, and rest the hand on a perch or something . Or get some nice muscle tone holding it without moving .

    After this peroid, when they come up to your hand gently push up on their breastbone while saying 'up' or 'stepup' or whatever you want the up command to be. Be VERY careful at this time not to chase them with your hand, or scare them in any way. IF there is any chance you will sneeze, put them down and remove your hand. You are building MAJOR trust. . Try doing this for a week.

    Now you can take them out of the cage, one at a time. Take him out, and move into another room. Now there is nothing familiar for him to cling to except for you. Gently work on stepups, give him treats, and work with him.

    Once they are very good at this time, try going at it together!

    Welcome to the board!
    What type do you have? Any pictures?
    Do I need to expalin anything further?

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    Re: how do i tame my two gorgeous budgies???

    if they're happy with you hand near the cage, by all means progress on to where they get a little skitish, then work on theat stage before moving on. yes by all means offer their fav treat in your hand! when any bird is sleepy, they puff up a bit and snooze. and i bet ya you have days where you're full of energy and other where you're more tired! it's like that for them too! if there's a big difference in them from one day to the next, contact an avain vet s they could be hiding an illness. but if they're still active and alert and play, they're probably fine!
    hehe, i know for me, i didn't know didlysquat about budgies and tiels, but after reading reading and more reading, i've learnt HEAPS! enough to be able to try advise others here! if ya wanna learn more about your birds: READ! i'm still learning more about them! try reading old posts here and in the cockatiel forums, as budgies and tiels are very similar in their general care and feeding.... and also read the home page of the board. then do a google serch on the internet and read more sites!!


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