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Thread: Izzy Got a New Home

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    Izzy Got a New Home

    For those of you who followed my story of Izzy (who was sold to me as a female, and turned out to be a male), I found him a new home. I hated to let him go, but I could not risk the chance of inbreeding him to his sister (since I keep mine in one large cage together). It is amazing to find breeders who don't know the basics. I found out that I knew more than this breeder who had been doing this for years! I will be alot more careful the next time. I am still wanting a Pied Hen. I wish I could find a reputable breeder in the Memphis, TN area. I already miss Izzy. I know that he went to a great home and will be well cared for. He is a character and I think he is ready to learn those tiel tunes! I work with the lady who got him, so at least I will be able to see him from time to time.

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    Re: Izzy Got a New Home

    Ah ah! I was right! It's a male! =)
    I'm so sad you gave Izzy away They can't inbreed unless you let them incubate the eggs all the way. I have inbreeding couples and after they have some fun with the eggs, I take them out. I would have bought a pied female to be with izzy cos I find it very hard to sell my birdies, i love them so much. But if you think it's for the best, it's your call Don't be sad, hopefully she'll be happy in a new home.

    btw, I never trust breeders and petshops, i have to see it for myself to be sure, they get it wrong many of the times :|
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