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Thread: Drooping wings depression?

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    Drooping wings depression?

    Hi all,

    One of my budgies Evo has been drooping both of her wings the last week or so. When I mean drooping, I mean that the tips of her wings are now resting below her feet when normally they rest on her thighs. They are still symetrical and pulled tight to her body and I can at least tell that they are not injured. She doesn't seem sick in any way...no heavy breathing, tailbobbing or change in droppings. Her posture seems to be good besides that...

    Is the drooping of wings a behaviour thing? Her mate just passed away (my last thread on this board). They seemed to have begun drooping after that happened. Is this a signal of depression or should I be worried about something else.
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    Re: Drooping wings depression?

    I'm sorry your other budgie passed away. That's always hard. I don't know about depression, but our tiel sprained his wings and held them kind of drooping down for a while - the vet said that it can be a more comfortable position when they are hurt, it's like limping for humans. So I would not rule injury out.

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    Re: Drooping wings depression?

    I'm sorry to hear your other budgie passed away. I agree with Katie. There's the possibility that drooping wings are a result of physical injury. Has Evo had any trouble flying? It would be a good idea to get her checked out by an avian vet, just to rule out that possibility.

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