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Thread: Is this normal behaviour? -worried-

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    Question Is this normal behaviour? -worried-

    As you might remember, my two zebs are sitting on eggs. The eggs are
    due to hatch around tuesday time, assuming all is ok.

    Today my pair are behaving v differently to normal for them. Usually my
    female does the majority of sitting on the nest, and the male sits for
    short bursts when she has a break.
    Today they have squabbled a fair few times (never seen this between
    them before) and the male is not letting the female near the nest. He
    is doing all the sitting, and is occasionally leaving the nest in order
    to squabble a bit more. They have both tucked in to eggshells and seed
    today, and he's been letting her eat, but she seems v uneasy around
    him, and is spending a lot of time sitting on the cage floor looking a
    bit dejected.

    Should I be worried, and is there anything I can do to stop/minamise
    the squabbles? These squabbles are mainly vocal, with a fair bit of
    beak to beak poking/clacking

    ETA: They don't seem to be making their usual lovey dovey kissey noise either
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    Re: Is this normal behaviour? -worried-

    hmm sounds like they are having marital problems. They will work it out be thankfull the are softbills so they can't do 2 much dammage. I have seen my female lovie do that b 4

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