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Thread: BOOK CLUB: Driving Force by Dick Francis

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    Post BOOK CLUB: Driving Force by Dick Francis

    If you haven't read this book you are missing out on a treat. Don't read anymore of this thread unless you don't mind finding out what happened in the story. Instead go and read it and then come back and add your two cents worth

    I have to say I have never read a Dick Francis book I did't like. Some authors are like that aren't they? Luckily he has written loads! Although the basic stories of his are all the same (sweeping comment I know!) ie, set in the horse racing world, crime, mystery, murder and a love interest. I find they are also so different.
    I liked the insight into the transporting of race horses and the peak into the people involved with them.
    One bit I hated was when the old horse was obviously seriously ill, yet he left it with out medical attension. I would have strangled him if it was real. But as the horse had to be dead to loose those ticks and continue the story, I guess I'll let him off
    Oh, and the poor rabbits being shoved in the containers under the horse boxes.
    Don't you think his characters are so believeable?

    I'd be interested to know what you think of this book. Good or bad!
    Linda x

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    Re: BOOK CLUB: Driving Force by Dick Francis

    I will put this on my lists to read.....

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