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Thread: Evening Visitors

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    Evening Visitors

    I love this time of year. I get a pair of Cardinals who come around and chow at my feeder in the early morning and in the evening. I can sometimes catch them after a rain storm as well if its warm enough. Odd huh? I don't get to see them often because its only one pair and I'm not at home usually when they're out and about, but I got lucky tonight. "Mister" was hungry and decided to get a snack this evening. It was a perfect evening as it was just after a rainstorm. I think they like this type of weather because they can bathe in the tree leaves and eat too. Strange.. but I see them most often in rainy weather.

    It was later than usual, but my son called out to me to grab my camera cuz "Mister" (as I've named him) was at the feeder. So, pardon the darkness, but here he is, grabbing a bite to eat at the "fly through window".
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    Re: Evening Visitors

    Yup, cardinals tend to feed mainly at dawn and dusk, unless it is really cold out and they need extra energy- then they will eat all day. They love sunflower seeds so if you want to attract them, just sprinkle some on the ground as they are mostly ground feeders. (They will eat out of bird feeders too though) I have a pair of cardinals and they are raising a 'son'-- it is so much fun to hear them early in the day.

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    Re: Evening Visitors

    Way cool photo even if it is dark. I never saw one of these but would just love to see one someday, they are just too pretty to not ever see one.
    You are lucky to have a pair living near you...
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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