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Thread: how old when weaned?

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    how old when weaned?

    How old is the tiel suppose to be before you can rehome the baby?

    I responded to an ad about a baby tiel being rehomed, with cage etc.

    I asked how old it is, and the boy said it is 1 month old.
    That the tiel is being hand fed, and the beak is still soft.
    The boy selling is 14years old, and only had the tiel for about 4days,
    he thinks he's not ready to have the bird so wants to rehome it.

    I'm not sure if he has accurate information, but is a tiel usually weaned and rehomed this early?

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    Re: how old when weaned?

    No, that is not normal at all. Babies should not be sold before they are fully weaned and that takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Some breeders who are used to hand feeding will trade babies back and forth and take over the handfeeding before the babies are weaned but it's definately not the norm.

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