Tika has this huge bird toy made for toos, mccaws, etc. But she has torn the plastic part up. I noticed that there are many plastic pieces on bird toys that she is able to destroy. My question is will this hurt her? Gosh. I give her rope and she wraps it around her foot. I give her plastic and she destroys it (I hope doens't eat it ... that is what I worry about). The only thing safe is wood and rock. Oh yeah, and that cool butt treasure chest puzzle toy made out of bullet proof plastic. God I love that thing. Cant' destroy it and so good for her.

Hey, another question. Why don't they make a busy board for parrots?? LIke for babies? A board that has metal key's to turn, metal doors to pull open and close, metal things to spin ... or a big plastic toy that they can't eat where you push buttons and stuff? What other puzzle toy is there out there for a big parrot besides the treasure chest?

Will tika be okay? SHould I take the toy out that she is destroying? Or do they not eat the plastic?