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Thread: "Male" laid an egg

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    Question "Male" laid an egg

    I recieved a tiel from a lady who claimed this tiel was a male. never mated. young. however, in my opinion, when i felt underneath her tail, it was very round and I could not find those little v v pelvic bones. I disagreed with her and I told her it felt like a female. she said "oh no, thats a male." I said "how do you know?" she said "i just know". this tiel was caged with 4 other tiels. I bought the tiel anyway.

    well tonight i was at work and my boyfriend called me and told me the new tiel was female. my "male" laid an egg. unfortunately the egg cracked when she laid it bc it hit the bottom of the cage floor. it has a tiny crack, so i think its pretty much done for. she laid it around 6pm tonight (eastern time).. it's now about 10:00. she isn't sitting on the egg and I definitely don't have a nest box. should I expect MORE? what should I do for her?

    I am going to call the lady in the morning and tell her that she sold me a pregnant female.
    Ozzy & Indie

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    Re: "Male" laid an egg

    Just because she laid an egg does not mean the egg was fertile. Single females without any cage mates can still produce eggs.

    Are you unhappy with the bird - would you really prefer a male? If so, then take the bird back and find a male from someone else, as you will not trust this person. If you are happy with the bird and her personality, then just let it go, and chalk it up to you were right about the sex, and the person you got her from was clueless. No need to call her if you plan on keeping the bird.

    Do you have pics of her? We'd love to see your new baby!

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    Re: "Male" laid an egg

    I have a dove that was suppose to be a male...then the eggs proved otherwise. So, now I have a female dove named Archimedes!! LOL She lays eggs every so often and sits on them. I just take them out when I clean the cage. It doesn't seem to bother her not to have them.


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