My friend has a beautiful budgie that is called Julie, and it is cage mates with my Lawrence. They both started out with light lilac cheek patches, which I presume is like the pinky-mauve cere-a "baby colour". They BOTH had exactly the same colour. Lawrence's have gone a gorgeous royal blue colour, (he's a skyblue)and Julies have, if anything, gone more mauve/purple. She's a clearflight pied opaline cinnamon, and we're still not sure if she has the lilac factor (she does look slightly mauve in cettain ;lights.) Does this setrtle that question one way or the other?
Also, I have recently noticed that Lawrence has an almost irridescent lilac sheen, particularly round the vent and tail, and has TURQUOISE colour on his tail and primary flights? I've heard that this could mean he has a lilac factor as well, but so much out there seems to be incorrect. Could someone please help me sort out the fact from the fiction?