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Thread: New Cockatiel coming home soon. [Now home with pics]

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    New Cockatiel coming home soon. [Now home with pics]

    I went back to see my new 'Tiel that will be getting for Cinnamon and she is the sweetest thing ever. Her sex is unknown, but she is very girie looking, so I am going with saying she is a girl at this point. Like I said before she is a whiteface and the sweetest and cutest thing ever.

    She has been weaned off of handfeeding and will be ready to come home very soon. They are going to keep her one more week before letting her go as they want to make sure she will maintain her weight off of the handfeeding which she has been weaned for the past 2 days now.

    If all goes well and she keeps up her weight she will be coming home on Monday July 9th, this is really exciting.

    I spent alot of time with her today and I talked to her and got her itchies while she stayed quietly on my finger the whole time.

    She is 3 months and a doll. Yay!!!!! I am counting down the days and I know Cinnamon is very excited too!
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