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Thread: Need Some Information - Please

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    Need Some Information - Please

    Hello -

    I am not sure who I should be contacting but I am hoping that someone here can help.

    I have had three cockatiels for several years. One older male and a younger male and female.
    Last month I started getting eggs. I have not had any eggs all these years until now.....I have seen the two younger birds mate....anyhow, after checking the web I set up a cardboard nest box and waited 48 hours for the next egg..... it did not come so I figured ok a fluke. I was getting ready to remove the box and bang there was another egg. This egg was laid 1 wk after the 1st. Then for the next couple days eggs were laid. Total 4 plus the early one. They 1st egg was cracked and they would not sit it so I removed it after a week or so.
    Well the time has come and gone for the eggs to hatch and they have not hatched. They are still sitting the eggs. Again I was getting ready to take them out and now there is another egg. Now instead of the 4 that they have been setting now there is 5. I did not mark the eggs because I am so new to this I was afraid to disturb things to much.
    I have said all that to say I have two problems: 1. They are starting to chew up the box sides and I am afriad they will get out. Can I change the nest box carefully and not cause problems? 2. Do I remove the old eggs or do I continue to let them set them? Will they just stop on their own? When is it time to remove the nest box and all?
    Oops, that isfour questions. Anyhow, I am really not sure what to do and I have looked things up on the web and I have bought a couple of books but nothing tells me about these problems. Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated. I love my birds and I don't want to cause them stress.
    You can e-mail me at

    Thanks for your help.

    Donna K

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    Re: Need Some Information - Please

    First you need to decide if you WANT to breed them?
    It sounds as if you are not ready for babies, and not prepared for them at this time.

    It is ok that they are laying eggs, and just because they mate and lay eggs does not mean you have to breed them or allow the eggs to hatch. You can if you want but you will need a crash course in chicks! It really depends on your views, just be sure to research, research research!

    If it was me i would not want to allow the eggs to develope so i would boil the eggs they lay and return them to the cage maybe in a shallow dish/plate at the bottom of the cage where they originaly layed the eggs with shredded paper in it to hold the egg and prevent it from breaking. I would allow my tiels to sit on the eggs, or lay more eggs (which you would boil also) until they get bored with it and realise the eggs will not hatch.
    When they lost interest (2-3ish weeks) i would remove the eggs and bowl.
    It may also be benifician to rearange their cages, move it to a new location and add new toys to distract them from breeding.

    Be sure to provide lots of calcium in the form of cuttlebone, minerial blocks, and egg shells so your female does not get low on calcium laying eggs.

    These are my opinions and breeding your birds or any animal for that matter is a personal choice.
    Check out these articles for more information on breeding and what to be prepared for:

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