Wow it's been forever since I've posted on here. Well if you don't remember, I got an 11 year old sun conure named Josie in March. It's been great having her around since we lost our other parrots to old age. She sits on her rope perch attached to my metal framed desk. Right now she's sitting there doing her usual preening and watching that one movie The New Guy and bobbing her head between preening and staring at me.

Josie is molting like crazy and her cage is covered in feathers. It's pin feathers galore on her face and neck, she looks like a mess...and yet still adorable. Actually less than three seconds ago a feather came flying at my face

So far she adores me still, but my brother?...not so much. If he so much as comes near me she lunges, poor brother. She loves my best friend cassie though. Here's a picture of Cassie and Josie before heading off to my party...

Cassie is going to hate me for posting, but she'll get over it.
Josie hates her baths (for her molting) and often wants to bite my face off after the bath...any advice on making it easier on her? My past birds adored baths...but they enjoyed everything She hates new things too...haha. Everyone in the family loves Josie with a passion and I'm glad I got her. Something interesting about her though is that she LOVES big dogs...but DESPISES my little dogs....hmmm

excuse me, I would love to write more buy she's throwing food all over my desk and room....gotto go clean that up before my parents see it, ahah.