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Thread: Vocabulary for a very young male budgie ?

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    Vocabulary for a very young male budgie ?

    I have a question for anyone that can comment. I have had my budgie for probably about 4 months or so. He was VERY young when i got him .. bars all the way to the cere.. solid black eyes etc. Well anyway within the last 2 months my little Sugar has now obtained a vocabulary of at least 14 words!!! I am quite shocked as i've never had a bird talk before but certainly not such a young parakeet. He even picked up a not so desirable word this weekend . My stepfather thought he'd try and teach him to say it not knwing he'd actually pick it up within a matter of 2 days! LOL Anyway has anyone else had such a young budgie say so much in such a short amount of time? Im thrilled to say the least.. Some of the things he says include.. whatcha doin pretty bird , pretty baby, im a pretty baby..Sugars a pretty birdy.. sometimes all at one time!

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    Re: Vocabulary for a very young male budgie ?

    Congrats on your wonderful budgie! I hope you'll be able to take some soundclips and share them with us.

    Our budgie, Sputnik, started talking when he was about 5 months old - two months after he first came home with us. It seems that if a budgie will talk, it will do so suddenly, and then amass rather a large vocabulary almost overnight! Sputnik, is now nearly 10 months old, and we estimate he's got a vocabulary of over 100 words, and loads and loads of phrases. He even makes up his own sentences, and is quite an accomplished fibber, storyteller, and comedian! You can have a peek at his videos on his webpage, linked in my signature.

    Anyway, keep up the great work with your budgie and I look forward to hearing more about his talking exploits!

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    Re: Vocabulary for a very young male budgie ?

    Looks like you have a unique little guy there!


    I have two budgies, my female does not talk but does the mircowave beep. My male budgie says two phrases that I did not delibertly teach him, but he picked it up from me and they are, "Whacha Doin'" and he says it just like that, and the other phrase is "Come Here."

    But, for yours to say 14 words in such a short time is very very special!

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