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Thread: Clipping wings?

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    Clipping wings?

    Ollie, my 1 1/2 year old senegal had a really bad wing clipping before I got him a year ago. The flight feathers are coming in pretty fast now but the primary feather are not making much progress.
    My question is should I go ahead and clip the flight feathers that have come in or should I wait until some of his primary feathers come in? He is learning to fly a little the way he is now but I don't want him to be fully fighted due to losing a bird that was fully flighted. But I don't want him to go back the way he was when I got him where he would just plop on the floor when he tried to fly.
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    Re: Clipping wings?

    IMHO, I would let them all grow back and then to a clip so he just glides to the floor. Usually, it doesn't take too long for them all to grow back, though I am not sure why the primaries are taking so long for Ollie.
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    Re: Clipping wings?

    I also would let them all grow in before clipping, so he can re-learn how to use his wings, especially since you said he had a bad clip before.

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