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Thread: Cookie :My First Husks !!!

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    Cookie :My First Husks !!!

    I had such a nice surprise when I came home yesterday !
    Cookie was eating from his food dish !!! And man, was he eating it was as if he was making up for the few days before where he only indulged in spray millet.
    I've noticed that he finished the millet, so he probably got hungry and started looking around for more food !
    And by the way, I cleaned the cage around 7.30pm, and at 10pm it's was quite soiled, I now realise the "pooping abilities " of those little birdies !
    One quick question I'm using sand at the bottom of the cage would sand paper be better?
    thanks a lot for all your help on previous topics btw, It was greatly appreciated

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    Next bird-English Budgie Tailfeather Pootspete's Avatar
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    Re: Cookie :My First Husks !!!

    Lola, thank you for the update on Cookie. I know it is sometimes nerve wracking for new bird owners when their bird does not eat right away. But, usually the bird always pulls through in a couple of days to show you that it is a.o.k.!

    My own opinion, I would not use sand. I just use plain paper. Some may share different views on this topic.

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    Re: Cookie :My First Husks !!!

    Hi Lola!

    That's great that Cookie is settling in well. I am really pleased to hear that he has started to eat properly.

    With the floor covering, I also use plain newspaper like Pootspete. The reason for this personally is because of my budgie's bad leg. I used to use sand paper, but decided it was too rough a surface as her toes on one foot curl in and don't spread out properly, and I don't want to cause sores on her toes.

    Sand paper is very good, and it can help to keep the nails trim if the bird spends lots of time on the floor. I would personally prefer to use that over sand. My birds used to enjoy shredding it to pieces! I don't know if that would benefit the beak in keeping it trim or not, but they seemed to enjoy it. Better than shredding the wallpaper!

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    Re: Cookie :My First Husks !!!

    Congrats! That is just great! Its great. He probably got hungtry and started to look for food. Its quite normal. So there was nothiung to worry about. I am glad to hear such progress!

    . Sandpaper then bitien is not so great. Just like sandpaper perches, it is much to rough on the feet and can damage your birds feet. Sand paper for cages were made if your bird had extremly rough feet, or had some sort of problem. even when the sand paper is bits up. It can scratch or cut your birds tongue, and that is quite painful for you bird. for the beeak and nails., i reccomend acalcium perch, or 'cuttlebone' perch. Made out of cuttlebone material taht your bird can stand on, eat, rub their beak against, and its very healthy. Newspaper for floring works well, but you have to be careful of the ink because it can rub off on to your birds skin, if they get at it, or chew on it. I use plain paper. or printer paper. Even used prinetr paper. And over that i add a few shavings. the act like insolater and give warmth from the bottom up. And no, they arent messy, then i simply dump then out and add a new sheet of paper with a few mor shavings. It also saves works froom the poop getting on the plastic and the stuff seeping through the paper to the plastic.
    Keep us posted and i hope all goes well !

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