It is harder to tame 2 budgies together, as they will look to eachother more for companionship than to you.

If you already had your budgie tame, then added another, the first one will usually still tolerate you handling it, and the other may even copy the first one and get used to you. I don't think the companionship would be quite the same, unless you had the first budgie for a good few years first. Jo has had companions, but the other birds were in their own cage and used to see Jo only when allowed out to fly and visit eachother.

Maybe the housing of more than one bird would affect how friendly they are with you. It would allow you to spend more bonding time with each, and you could still allow them to see each other when you let them out. But if you want Skooter to have a friend for company when you are not there, he may benefit more if they were housed together. Maybe you could have two cages, but instead of keeping them across the room from each other, put them next to each other when you are out so they can be close? I always had my birds housed on opposite sides of the room to encourage them to fly across (my birds are lazy and won't bother flying unless they have to!).

It is really up to you, I'm sure that there are lots of options depending on the different dilemmas having 2 birds will bring. You can still be friends with both birds if there is two, but I would suggest that if you wanted this, it would be easier to achieve by housing them apart. You could take one cage to another room and have some time bonding with one bird, then the same with the other?