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Thread: Should I put my budgie in the living room

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    Re: Should I put my budgie in the living room

    It is definitely better if the budgie is somewhere where lots of people are because then they would get more used to people being around it, however, i heard budgies dont like to be moved a lot because they like to be very secure. But it is up to you whether you want to move it or not because youve only had yours for a couple days so it probably wouldnt hurt.

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    Should I put my budgie in the living room

    He is acting kind of bored lately. I have only had him for a few days, but all he does is sit on his perch on not move. I talk to him and he will come down and eat some when i talk to him, but I have never seen him play. I am thinking maybe because he is in my bedroom and I am not in my bedroom 100% of the time, sometimes I am downstairs, and my family is always downstairs. SHould I keep him in the living room downstairs where the whole family is or would that scare him to be moved? I need your help bad, I am getting worried about him. Thanks.

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    Re: Should I put my budgie in the living room

    I guess the answer is twofold -- is there any way to keep the cat away from the bird in the living room, and how much time do you spend in your room?

    Budgies do prefer to be in social settings, but if your budgie is still new he's still processing a lot of information. You, your home, your family, and all the sights and sounds that go with it are very different from wherever it was before. Also remember that comparatively speaking you're a giant to your budgie, and for a small creature whose instincts tell it that it is very low on the food chain, and this will make your bird very cautious. Give him a week or two, he'll start getting more active and talkative.

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    Re: Should I put my budgie in the living room

    Hi Melonie !

    If you aren't in your room very often, then it would be a good idea to move him where he can be around people and a bit of noise going on, such as the TV etc.

    If you do move him, give him about a week or so beforehand, as you said he is new, so is probably just about getting used to being in your room. Also, bear in ming the position of the cage in the new room. If you can find a nice high place for him on a wall it will help him feel more secure. Make sure he isn't placed in a dark corner or in direct sunlight, just somewhere nice and bright.

    Does your cat roam around lots in the living room? That is something that would really worry me. When I was really young (like 12/13 years old), my mum moved her pet budgie of 15 years old into my room because we had a cat downstairs. She decided to bring the budgie back down, as I was out at school and the budgie didn't have much company. Only a couple of days after, the cat managed to sneak into the room whilst the budgie was out, and caught and killed the budgie! My mum was devastated, and it still upsets me if I think about it too much.

    If the cat poses a potential threat, then it is best to leave the bird where it is. Spend lots of time with it when you can, and if you go out, leave a radio or TV on to offer it comfort while you aren't there.

    I hope this helps!

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