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Thread: my budgie died, any ideas why???

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    my budgie died, any ideas why???

    a couple of nights ago, i covered up my birds, then went to bed as usual. Before i fell asleep, i heard the two birds russtling around for a bit. Anyways, when i woke up, i slept in a bit, so i almost forgot to take the cover off the cage (a pink sheet), and when i did, one of my birds was lying at the bottom DEAD!

    The only ways i can think that he died is because the window was open, so he might have froze, he might have sufficated from the sheet which isnt very thick, he might have died of thirst because i never ever see them drink, he could have starved because it was getting really fat so i cut down on treats and didnt feed him for a little bit, or the other one may have injured it somehow to make it fall because it was at the bottom with its wing caught on the bars (bottom bars).

    Can someone please tell me why my bird died, because it was such a shock to me to see him lying at the bottom lifeless...

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    Re: my budgie died, any ideas why???

    A dead bird at the bottom of the cage is a very traumatic thing. When S.A.S. (Stubborn As ummm) died and I found him on the bottom of the cage it was awful. He belonged to my housemate T, and we called her DAD and MOM to get him off the bottom of the cage. I got everybody else out to the "vet cage" and into another room and then just had a MELT DOWN.

    We think S.A.S. came to us sick...he never really did thrive, but he made it through quarantine...though Puck, his best buddy ended up dying two weeks later even after $200 dollars worth of vetting and cloacal swabs of the other birds...we got a necropsy and it was inconclusive, as the ultimate cause was a fungal infection due to the massive amounts of antibiotics they had him on...though the poor thing wasted to nothing.

    DEFINITELY DO NOT stop feeding your birds if they are getting fat...wean them to a maintenance food...I like Roudybush crumbles and Exact mini pellets. My "fatties" then get a bit of organic trail mix and unsalted organic nuts to contribute any extra fat to their diets.

    If the grate on the bottom of your cage is large enough for the little wings to get stuck...REMOVE IT. Just clean the cage more often as the poo will be right there on the bottom with no grate to separate your surviving bird from the poo.

    Your bird may have gotten stuck and had heart failure...

    That's all I can offer. I hope your surviving bird is doing well without his buddy.

    and her ping bird Minions led by the Poo-filled Gray Poupon

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