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Thread: Should I buy a harness?

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    Should I buy a harness?

    I want to be able to take Bella outside some day without having to worry as much about her ending up in danger or getting lost if she spooks. First of all, I live in a city and pedestrians, dogs and cars aren't the only problem; the air here is not the greatest by any means. So I wouldn't take her out here, but I do travel and I would like to be able to take her out for some exercise, sunshine and air so she isn't cooped up in a cage whenever we are at a rest stop. The only other option is to lug her out in her carrier, as I wouldn't let her out of my sight for even an instant!

    I'd like to have her out with me everywhere, and once I move out of the city the air would be nice for her, without a lot of people, dangerous animals or pollution. This won't happen for another year or so, however.

    I know they make harnesses for Cockatiels but they look so heavy for a tiny little bird. I don't want her to be overly uncomfortable. Given her attitude, I am fairly sure she could put up with it once she got used it to.

    Does anyone know if I should ever get a harness? If I do end up buying one, what is the most comfortable/safest brand and place to purchase one.

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    Re: Should I buy a harness?

    Absolutely YES! By all means if you ever plan to take your bird outside with clipped wings or not, get a harness. It is the safest way to take your bird outside, period. There is no safer way. (Except in a cage.)
    Think about it. Why take the chance of loosing your loving little feathered friend.
    The AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash from most any pet shop or Amazon.com. They are about $36. Watch the YouTube vids about it.
    My Farlie (sun conure) has never flown off my shoulder when we were outside but he's never been without a harness outside either. Safety first I always say.
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