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Thread: fidget isn't so fidgety...

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    if he puffs up and stays that way, he is either sick, or is scared and trying to look bigger to the enemy. I've heard that a heating pad at the bottom of the cage works well if he's sick...

    If he doesn't preen, mist him with a spray bottle. He will have no choice but to preen. Give him some spray millet and maybe add some music to the occassion for him.

    Also, if he is left in a corner and ignored he will be stressed. Birds need interaction with you. Stress is the number one killer of birds, so make him a part of your life etc. Does that help? Hope so, I know how you feel.

    but if he just stays puffed up, your little guy is sick i think

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    Hi there,
    Im sorry to hear your concerns.. believe me i know how that goes. I have done alot of research on Budgies since having mine and before and im gonna give this a shot.
    Their stool will be abnormal the first few days.. its nothing to be alarmed about unless it doesnt change. Stress can cause them to either have watery stool or to be slightly constipated so my vet says. It should clear up to a green to dark green around the outside with a bit of white to it. Yuck not my favorite subject As far as him not moving around much that is VERY normal. Your actually lucky to be able to see him actually eating. I thought mine was going to starve to death as i never saw him eat for the first week. (they do it at night when we arent watching, its a trust thing)
    Sometimes budgies can take quite some time to feel calmer and more adjusted and the key is patience and time. But have him around you as much as possible.
    On the puffing thing... If he's too cold he will puff ( found that out when i house got alittle chilly ) but its not normal for them to stay puffed continuously. My bird did that which was out of the norm and i took him to the vet immediately. Come to find out i had added some different seed and it was just stomach upset.. but you cant be too careful.. Just keep an eye on him and if he's moving around and doesnt just stay in one spot all day and stay puffed up then he's most likely stressed and nervous. But if you suspect even for a second that he may be ill.. follow your instinct and get him to a vet :sick2
    Ok.. i hope this helped alittle. Feel free to repost if you need anything answered and remember that there are no stupid questions here

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    fidget isn't so fidgety...

    this is my first post to this site...
    just got a new budgie (fidget), one week and a day ago! we're so excited to have it! i had a pet bird when i was growing up, but i can't remember what happened when i brought it home (it was a long time ago ). he was the most active bird in the cage at the pet shop, but since we've had fidget home, i've been noticing some unusual things. i am wondering if they are just caused by the stress of a new environment, or if i should be concerned and seeking a vet's advice...

    when we first brought him home, he had diarrhea, it's since cleared up, however he still has traces around his vent (one big clump that is dangelling...sorry for my graphicness) i haven't seen him preening much, so i'm hoping this is just a trust thing. he's since been having tight black stool for the most part with more white than black. i've been trying to give him fresh fruit/veg to go with his seed (apple, lettuce, etc.) but he's scared of it, and won't go near it. today his stool was a light greenish/yellowish colour around the outside...so i'm a bit intrigued.

    his feet are also very hot. i just started trying to finger train him yesterday. they were noticibly hotter than my finger. i read somewhere this can be because of stress...but it is still concerning.

    he sits puffed up for a lot of the time, barely chirps, except if there is music/tv on and is generally inactive (apart from eating and digging in his seed tray).

    any advice would be helpful. i've been reading a lot of posts in this site to try and figure this out, but i've not really found the answer. i hope i'm overreacting |I

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    Cant offer any other advise that hasnt been given by others about him being puffed up. Moving away from the budgies he knows and getting a new home completely freaks budgies out, so he needs time to calm down. If after about 3 - 4 days he's still puffed up heaps then Definitely take him to the vet, an avian one if u can find one.
    About the veggies: budgies dont actually know they are ment to be food, there just some weird thing hanging in their cage. You have to actually teach him that they are food. This is much easier when they are train but that doesnt mean u shouldnt try b4 u have trained him....fruit and veggies are very important. The ways i know are all for trained budgies, but maybe u can adapt them a little....
    1. Eat them (or pretend to) yourself. Eat right up close to him and make sure he knows your enjoying it heaps. Every now and then offer him a little taste, and this normally gets them to try a little bit. Also eating is a social event for budgies so if your eating he might want to join in for the social factor. (mainly for tame budgies tho i think....)
    2. Put a little platter in the cage with some different veggies and fruits, and put just a small sprinkle of seed over them, mixed in abit if the food is mushy like a banana. This was if they want the seed chances are they'll get a little fruit too.
    3. Presentation is everything. Most budgies will only eat if the foods presented to their liking. For example, some budgies will only eat cook and mashed carrot and not touch raw grated carrot, others will only eat it grated, etc etc etc. Budgies can be VERY fussy, lol.
    4. Try some popular ones, for example my budgies favourites are spinach (raw, just hang a leaf up) brocolli (also raw, he nibbles the top bit off) and apple (i cut off a thin strip of skin with a little flesh, and he bites of a bit, then carefully scrapes the flesh off the skin and drops the skin on the bottom of the cage...........but wont touch the apple if the skin isnt there even tho he wont eat the skin.... )
    Warm feet??? i have no idea, lol, soz!!

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    Wow first off let me say .. sorry about the custom signature photo thingy .. ive got to find a way to make a gif smaller and i had forgotten to take it off..

    I meant to comment on the warm feet thing.
    My budgie's feet will get very warm when he gets nervous, and he's not ill so I know for a fact this is pretty normal.
    So put to rest that worry thats just a budgie thing

    Good luck with Fidget

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    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks all for your replies!

    i feel so much better about everything now. i think he's fine, just adjusting. i suppose i was so concerned becuase we heard that they should be adapted within a week (but hey, who's counting days? hahah). i will keep an eye on him, but i think it's been a hard week for him too, since my husband and i both work (so he's alone from 8-6 monday to friday )

    he has seemed pretty receptive to us actually when i think about it. he eats when we eat (GREAT suggestions about the fruit and veg btw ), has started to make noises like our speech (we're trying to teach him to talk), and isn't completely freaked by my hand being in the cage. he doesn't sit puffed all the time, just when he's not doing anything (which is often). i think we need to get him a new toy or something to play with. so far we've only got a ladder and swing so we wouldn't overload him with toys within the first week. something to climb on and chew would be good.

    thanks for ALL your advice

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    Re: Thanks for your help!

    Wow i think for the time you've had him that is exceptional. Most budgies take much more than a week but i suppose that depends on the bird.
    My bird is still very nervous most of the time for some reason which concerns me but seems adjusted , even the vet was impressed at how through the whole exam he just sat on my finger preening himself. But he hates being touched ANYWHERE. I really wish that would change. And introducing new foods?? LOL He wants no part of it. Hearing that your bird already is trying to copy you and chattering is also great. Alot of time when they are adjusting they are SO quiet. Do you mind me asking where you found your budgie? I got mine here in Houston from a bird store in which none of the budgies are "tame" so to speak. Sounds like you found a good place to buy and a great Budgie Also do you know if its a male or a female?

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    Sorry for the slow reply!

    sorry it's taken me so long to reply tx...

    i actually live in toronto canada, so my budgie came from a local pet shop. as far as the male/female thing, i think he's a male. his cere is still pretty pinkish (seeing as he's still really young) but it's got a blueish hue around his nostrils, so i believe he's a he 2

    thanks again for everyone's replies...i feel much better about everything...and also SO HAPPY (it seems like we got a good one ) ping

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    I've read that lettuce causes diarrhea, so I'd reccomend not feeding the budgie any more lettuce.

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    Re: fidget isn't so fidgety...

    Lettuce shouldn't cause diarrhea, but it is basically water and fiber so it will make your budgie's stool more watery. True diarrhea isn't very common, but what most people may call diarrhea is actually a lot of water in the feces. Enough that the stool looks liquid when it falls on the cage lining. More common polyuria (excess urine) can be caused by stress.


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