Hello all! Long time no see.

First of all, I know I'm going to get lectures for not taking my budgie to the vet. We just used our vet savings fund (a whole $500) and we're broke otherwise.

My favorite budgie, Limone, seems to be ill. But she doesn't act sick at all... she sings and isn't fluffed up, eats and drinks fine. She doesn't move around as much because I think she is trying to lay an egg. Her abdomen is swollen just above her vent. It's been this way for about four days now. She is not in any obvious distress, like I said. Is there a possibility she could still lay it?

I have her in a hospital cage with a heating pad (which she doesn't need yet as she pants if I turn it on) and easy access to food and water.

I've given her an oral calcium plus D3 supplement in addition to her regular food, which includes a little seed, broccoli, sprouts, and Zupreem budgie pellets. Is there anything else I can do besides wait?