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Thread: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

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    Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    ok, in australia pellets are almost impossible to find, but i finally found some, but there massive, for large parrots. But they also sell things called crumbles, for smaller birds, so ive got some of these. My bird is pretty good at trying new things, but of course he's a little seed junky (hes about 6 months old and has been seed based before this).

    Im trying to switch him to these crumbles, but the problem is, hes always been perfectly happy to pick up the crumbles in his beak and munch on them, but when i watch him i see a whole lot of the crumbles just falling down out of his beak when hes crushing them up.

    Does this mean he's just playing with them and not really eating any or much, or do u think he is actually eating a fair bit of the crumbles??? Maybe someone who has their bird on pellets already can watch their bird eat them and c if lots appear to be falling out of their beak?

    I dont want to take the seed away while im not sure he's eating the crumbles, ive heard of birds starving to death this way, but when theres seeds there, of course he wants them over the crumbles!!!

    Oh, and another thing, is banana peal ok for birds? i think it is, but just checking. I know banana is, but my budgie has never really liked banana, and i just figured out why.............its the banana PEAL he would rather sit and munch on, lol!!!

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    Re: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    3 days later still no reply? Very helpful........... Still havent been able to take away the seed cuz i dont want him to starve to death.

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    Re: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    Im sorry we do need more people on the forum. Well he must be eating most my irds would do the same thing and then eat the little little pieces they drop. Look at his poop is there any difference if there is then hes eating the pellets. has for the banana question Im not sure.

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    Re: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    Hi I dont know how much help I can be but I'll tell you as much as I know. Give your budgie seeds in the morning, then give him all crubles for a few hours. If he jumps to the seeds right when you put them in he probably wasn't eating the crumbles. I'd hold back on the banana peel, I've never heard about that one before.

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    Re: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    ok guys, thanks for the advice. I tried the taking away of seed for a few hours and leaving only pellets, but when i went to give him seed back he was just scrambling to get out of his cage to play with me rather then paying any attention at all to the seeds id just put in there, or the crumbles for that matter. He just wanted to play.

    Guess that probably means he's eating them? Hmmmm, i think i will try completely removing his seeds from today, he's had a mix of both now for about a week, i know he will chew on them, even if im not sure how much he's eating. Hope this all goes ok :bungyjump

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    Re: Switching to Crumbles (pellets)

    Well the crumbles attempt just went massively down hill. I dont seem to be having much luck getting him to eat them.

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    I live in Australia as well and i know wht you mean about pellets being hard to find - i only found one type - actually got it from the supermarket - Coles i think.
    My birds don't eat them either - i still have a full box 6 months later.
    As long as your birds get lots of fresh vegies and fruit etc and a good seed, them they will be fine, and don't need the pellets.

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    Re: pellets

    The banana is fine as well- be sure to wash it though, as he may nibble on the outside, too!

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