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Thread: Discovered a pet store!

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    Talking Discovered a pet store!

    I felt like splurging on my tiels a bit (since I have started to earn my own money working casually as a checkout chick on weekends and holidays) and I found a FANTASTIC new petstore not too far from my house!

    For a:
    -2kg bag of seed
    -small bag of fruits and nuts
    -box of honey treat sticks
    -honey/nut treat bar
    -small stainless steel lockable food cup
    -bottle of pellets
    -& acrylic bell toy

    ONLY cost me $34 Australian!! (which is incredibly cheap for such a large volume of pet items, usually costing between $50 and $60)

    For those who live in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane Queensland, try out Petwise Cannon Hill (opposite bunnings). They literally have EVERYTHING and its really cheap too!

    Rest in peace Mini-me and Jasmine. Never Forgotten.

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    Re: Discovered a pet store!

    Wow! That is a great deal, even in the US! Good steal! Bet your tiels are living large!
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