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Thread: update on the budgie gone wild :/

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    update on the budgie gone wild :/

    Hi just wanted to update that tails the budgie gone wild is definitely molting.. the other day i found a large amount of yellow feathers on the cage bottom when i changed it, and also today he broke a blood feather in his tail.. my first experience with such an ordeal but i got the bleeding stopped rather quickly but i have not pulled the feather, i know pulling a tail feather isnt as crucial as a wing feather and affecting the growth of another..but alot of avian vets seem to discourage pulling it.. im calling in the morning, this happend after hours.. and i thought I handled the situation .. he played and sang and ate, and did more acrobats..he broke his tail feather practicing a new trick on his swing i suppose.. and fell off his swing..maybe he needs a safety net LOL so anyways his moodiness is definitely molt related..and far as itchies..i dont know..he dont want scritches and will go crazy biting if i touch him..however he is a good boy and will perch on my finger with no bites, just cant touch him.. having him restrained in a towel today oh goodness..he sure didnt like that..what a hyper little budgie.. I can't quite figure out if hes a male.. He is very very talkative and sings alot.. here is a picture although im not sure anyone can tell by it..if you have a guess please tell me.. I know this picture is not a good cere picture at all..but my camera takes the worst close ups.. thanks!!


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    Re: update on the budgie gone wild :/

    Thats not a bad picture at all! Out of curiosity, what are you doing to your cockateil's head?
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