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Thread: seeds?

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    i am trying to switch my budgies from seeds. by giving them seeds until 3:00 then replace the seeds with vegies etc at around 5:30 i give them seeds again by that time they are starving and then after that they go to bed. they don't seem to be eating any vegies etc. they will only nibble on it if it's in my hands and even then they aren't eating enough to be full. i feel really bad that they are always so hungry. kiwi even flys out of the cage to meet me with the seeds when he see's them. anyone want to please help

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    Re: seeds?

    How are you presenting the veggies and what types of veggies are you giving them? Trust me It took me a while b4 I found out how my bird sliek to eat their veggies, chopped really finely. You just have to keep trying and always try different ways; chopped, cooked, grated, whole, strung as a toy, in ur hand, on ur plate, in a special cup...the possibilities r endless. Good luck.

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    Re: seeds?

    Wish i could help a little more, im actually trying to switch my bird over now as well. Ive been always giving him a mix of both pellets and seeds in a small seperate dish on the bottom of his cage, and in his normal dish is only crumbles.

    He will eat them a little bit, he's pretty adventurous when it comes to food compared to other budgies i think, it seems he will nibble on anything you give him at least once, but whether he'll at it properly............

    Anyway, thats beside the point, lol. what i was getting at is my way of getting him to eat new things is to eat it myself, or at least pretend to in most cases, no way im eating pellets or raw brocolli, yuck!! Have u tried pretending to be eating the pellets out of the dish while he's playing around with you? maybe hand him one or two pellets after uve pretended to take a bite of them? This might entice your birds to try them, and once they tried them and know there nice, maybe they will start eating them more readily until you can switch completely onto the crumbles.

    I know theres not many suggestions in here, but maybe it will help a little?! good luck!

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    Re: seeds?

    are you giving your birds pellets along with the veggies? because convertingfrom seeds to just veggies is not enough....try slowly switching them to pellets as well


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