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Thread: Dander and allergies

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    Dander and allergies

    I am wondering if some people can be allergic to dander skinwise. I know about the issues with breathing in dander, and although my friend is mioldly asthmatic, it doesn't affect her at all.

    What IS happening is that she is getting an itching/biting sensation on her skin. I say "biting" because she says it feels like insects are biting her, although I have found no signs of such. How likely is it that budgie dander could be causung this, and would daily vacuuming improve the situation if it is (neither of us want to have to rehhome the birds, but we wouldn't know where to get an air filter or if we could afford/have room for it.) Any suggestions (including other possibilities) anyone?


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    Re: Dander and allergies

    I am not an expert, but I will give you my ideas.

    For one, it could be that her house or outside is excessively dry so that the dryness and the bird dander are both affecting her, where under other circumstances there would only be one. I know my skin has been dry lately.

    There are things she can do for her skin that might help... for one thing, not to wash with soap for awhile. There is a product called Aveeno which comes in a soothing lotion or a bath oil. It is made from oatmeal and is very soothing to itchy skin.

    Another thing she could do is to put oil on her skin. No, not cooking oil. It is an idea I got from ayurveda (Indian) medicine. Go to the health food store and buy some organic sesame oil in a small bottle and then put it on her skin. I usually start with my feet and work my way up. I also have a Sandalwood Moisturizing Bath and Body oil that I like to rub in. There are some other oils she could use, but I would have to research them. These three products are what I use.

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    Re: Dander and allergies

    Some of the budgie people may know better then i do, but i believe there is a type of mite that can bite people.

    Maybe someone else will have more information.

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