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Thread: what should i do with this Hahns Macaw?

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    Question what should i do with this Hahns Macaw?

    Well, it realy has been a long time since iv'e posted here, starting school was quite busy.

    But, onto the subject the breeders i know, www.becksbirdbarn.co.uk, will not have any hahns macaws till about January or possibly later. However, I have found a home breeder in lester who have one left.

    Now I could either wait till january or at a more convienient time (half term break) get the bird from the home breeder in lester. But im not sure what i should do, in terms of cost BBB (becks bird barn) is an odd 500 pounds, but the home breeders are selling for 350 but at BBB they are microchipping them, sexed ,we get a birth certificate and a free checkup with their vet. (you can look at www.becksbirdbarn.co.uk)

    The home breeders have told me they have one left to sell out of the 3 they had. I have heard of them remotely on forums for being quite good but im not sure about the risk that the bird could just drop dead because home breeding just isnt as efficient as proper facilities that BBB would use. I think, financially the home breeder would work because i can get the bird microchipped and DNA sexed and checked up for under 250 pounds. So that would meen im saving money, time and convienience. If i got the bird any later, im approaching mock exams, my dads birthday and ofcourse there's school and I just wouldnt be able to organise myself. but if i get the bird now i will have a whole week to get it all ready.

    This is the advert for the home breeders, ive spoken to Cindy and i think they're realy nice people and i think they'd do a good job of breeding the hahns macaws.


    Although i am the only one who has looked at this advert, they are very popular in their area, (they have many more on other sites, only makes it even more confusing )

    I think I know what I might do but I think that I should just check with you guys here what do you think I should do?

    Thanks, Ed
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