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Thread: budgie seed composition

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    Re: budgie seed composition

    i dont think nothing's wrong with that, I know it sound weird but i just bought that same package of food 3 days ago and yes i see the differentes but it's not bad.
    The girl at the pet shop said its very good for them and nothing is going to happen,
    yes thats right budgeis dont eat the shell's they crack them and eat whats inside.:haha (Htmf-word)

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    budgie seed composition

    Hello everybody
    Recently I've just bought a packet of budgie seed that's of a different brand. I was comparing them with the ones that my budgies are eating at the moment and I realise there is quite a bit of difference between the two. I know that the mix is supposed to have millet, but should they also have:
    - wheat/oats (I can't tell the difference between the 2)
    - the little black round seeds, often found in canary mixes
    - linseed - the really flat ones that are dark brown in colour
    - canary seed

    Also, this seed is "vitamin and mineral enriched: vegetable oil is used to coat each seed...suppply essential nutrients" - Is that necessary??? I remember reading somewhere that when 'nutrients' are coated on the seed, they are useless because the birds don't eat the shell... is that true?
    Am I just wasting my money or am I doing my budgies good??
    Thanks a million

    (sorry for the long post )

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    Re: budgie seed composition

    You are correct about hte whole enriched part- nada for hookbills . She won't be ingesting any of it, it'll be at the bottom of the cage.

    Are you feeding more than seed? try getting seed/pellets/veggies all in her diet .

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    Re: budgie seed composition

    Thanks for everybody's tips. I'm feeding my birds as much variety as possible. I always give them fresh foods (and not toxic) to try out. Like grated carrots, eggs + shells, corn... and all sorts of fruits & veges. As for pellets, they aren't that common in Australia, but I've bought a packet of "crumbles" for them to try out. They seem to just crush it all up so that all that's left is powder. But I *think* they are eating some of it.


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